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Fundacja "Kierowca Bezpieczny"
"Roads Without Addiction"
the international conference on road safety

Informacja po polsku

On behalf of the Police Academy in Szczytno and Krzysztof Holowczyc’s Foundation Safe Driver,  we sincerely invite you to participate in the international conference on road safety: "Roads Without Addiction". The conference is organized under the patronage of: Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy of Poland and Chairman of the National Council of Road Safety - Mr. Slawomir Nowak, Marshal of Warmia and Mazury Voivodeship -  Mr. Jacek Protas and Mayor of Szczytno – Mrs. Danuta Górska.

The conference will be held in Szczytno, Poland on 5th - 6th June 2012.

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Tasks of the conference:

  • To show the influence of drugs and derivative substances on the level of road safety, the analysis of the legal status, of preventive and educational activities.
  • The search for new educational and legal solutions in the context of changing reality.
  • The exchange of experience between the scientific, governmental, local authorities and NGO’s  environments.

The issue of the meeting will focus on the following topics:

  • Drugs and other forms of addictions on the roads of the world,
  • Public education on road safety,
  • Addiction:  mechanisms, determinants and consequences,
  • Problems of diagnosis, prevention and drug treatment,
  • Educational and legal policy and challenges of today’s world,
  • Influence of drugs and derivatives substances on impaired driver’s work,
  • The legal rights against addiction,
  • The authority of public administration in the struggle against addiction,
  • Economic aspects of addiction.

During the two-day conference, we provide:

  • printed edition of texts in the form-reviewed proceedings,
  • conference materials,
  • banquet,
  • participation in a concert,
  • accommodation,
  • board
Organization and participation in the conference

Please send your participation form, available on our website ,before the 17 th of May 2012 on e-mail:

or by mail to:

Fundacja Kierowca Bezpieczny,
10-900 Olsztyn,
11 Listopada Street 4.

Detailed program of the conference will be published before 14th May 2012.
Confirmation of the participation will be sent to the specified e-mail on the 18th of May.
The conference fee is 150 euros.

Payment shall be made on the following account by 30th May 2012.

Fundacja Kierowca Bezpieczny ,ul. Gotowca 15/15, 10-087 Olsztyn, Poland
Bank details: Kredyt Bank SA, Branch Olsztyn I, Olsztyn ul. Wojska Polskiego 62, Poland
04150012981212900315280000 BIC (SWIFT) code : KRDBPLPW
title: "Roads Without Addiction”  conference fee

Information about the conference can be found on  website of "Safe Driver Foundation":

If you've gotanyfurther questions, please don't hesitate to contact:

Best regards
Waldemar Ziarek
Secretary of the Foundation "Safe Driver"

tel: + 48 89 672 78 67
fax. + 48 89 512 03 07
mob. + 48 602 405 945


Participation form


Fundacja "Kierowca Bezpieczny"

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