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ORLEN. Safe roads program again in RBF report

ORLEN. Safe roads program, organised by Safe Driver Foundation and PKN ORLEN company, has been announced the bigggest social action for the traffic safety in Poland in 2007. The report The responsible business in Poland in 2007. Good actions was published by Responsible Business Forum.

For the second time ORLEN. Safe roads program was included in the prestigious report The responsible business in Poland in 2007. Good actions. The program was awarded in the Health and safety category. While the Report consists of only 55 the most interesting actions, it is big success. It promotes CSR examples and inspires the companies to develop and start responsible activities towards to their clients, partners and local society.

The Report says: ORLEN. Safe roads is a long-term program raising the level of the polish roads safety. The program is co-organised by PKN ORLEN and Safe Driver Foundation. It had the biggest range among all road safety actions, that were taken in Poland in 2006 and 2007.

The action consists of 2 parts. The first one is all-polish competition for the most interesting and the most efficient road safety local initiatives. There were 250 initiatives sent in 2007, and 15 are going to be awarded during the festive Safety Gala. The second part is Experiment life : TV series realised with Krzysztof Hoowczyc, showing the dangers as a result of not respecting the safe driving rules. The second edition of the program was the biggest social action in Poland in 2007, both in relation to range and media range. As the effect of the Competition many actions rasing the level of the safety on polish roads have arised, and other were developped. The awards to the amount of 500.000 zlotych, were given to the authors of the best action, and were used for the activities related to traffic safety. The special web site turned into the mine of knowledge about road safety. Safe driver test, Krzysztof Hoowczycs tips, initiatives base and instructions for creating the efficient action are included.

With the action connected with company profile, ORLEN reinforces its image, as the enterprise efficiently acting for the road safety development, and increases the range of reaching the drivers, who are the main target groups for the company.

Fundacja "Kierowca Bezpieczny"

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