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Fundacja "Kierowca Bezpieczny"
Safe Driving Simulator

The citizens of Olsztyn had an unique occasion to check how dangerous is driving after alcohol drinking. On July 20th a very modern safe driving simulator was presented in the Olsztyn Old Town. The simulator was made in Belgium and is based on Toyota Corolla Verso. It will be shown also in Ek. The campaign was organised by Safe Driver Foundation.

The special guest of the show was Krzysztof Hoowczyc, and he was the first one to check the simulator.

Im really impressed, this simulator shows very efficiently how the alcohol influences our driving predispositions and how the risk grows. Im sure that everyone after this check will be aware of the fact, that it is impossible to drive well even after small amount of alcohol. Im really glad that we managed to bring the simulator to Olsztyn and Ek, because in this region driving after alcohol drinking is unfortunately everyday problem Member of the European Parliament said.

3D Driving Simulator will be presented only in 8 polish cities. While using  the machine everyone can see his possibilities and the level of skills. After every check an instruktor analyses and shows the mistakes made by the driver. The biggest advantage of the simulator is an opportunity of turning the special mode simulating driving after alcohol drinking. It is great metod to show the consequences of driving after alcohol drinking. It is the most important for young drivers and those who will become drivers.

The campaign is conducted in Warmia and Mazury region, under the patrionate of the Marshal of Province. The organisers are Krzy Foundation, Safe Driver Foundation and Car Transport Institute in Warsaw. The action is supported by European Comission, Toyota, WORD Olsztyn and Polish Spirit Industry.




Fundacja "Kierowca Bezpieczny"

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