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Fundacja "Kierowca Bezpieczny"
II All-Polish Prayer for the Drivers Day

On April 16, in Polish Episcopate a pre All-Polish Prayer for the Drivers Day conference took place. The title of the conference was Young people die on the roads. During the meeting new methods of traffic education, emphasising the education of kids and youth, were presented. Safe Driver Foundation was represented by her president, Andrzej Kalitowicz.

On the occastion of annual All-Polish Prayer for the Drivers Day, which will be celebrated on April 20 this year, the special conference was organised. The main topic was fatal accidents preventing, especially those with young people participating. The problem is important, because children and youth make 40% of 1,2 mln fatalities.

The conference was chaired by Episcopate Conference spokesman, priest dr Joseph Kloch. Among the speakers were: dr Marian Midura - Drivers National Priest, police commandant Wojciech Pasieczny from Warsaw Headquarters, Car Transport Institute director dr Andrzej Wojciechowski, Andrzej Kalitowicz, Safe Driver Foundation president and representants from the Main Police Headquarters, Ministry of Infrastructure and Ministry of National Education.

During the conference, various programs used by all the organisations, were presented. The programs are designed for the traffic participants, from the youngest to those with big experience. The participants saw the statistics showing the accidents on the polish roads, stressing those consdering kids and youth situation. The special presentation, prepared by the police for the of age students in high-schools, was also showed.

The president of Safe Driver Foundation, Andrzej Kalitowicz, talked about the methodology of youth education designed and used by the Foundation. The important element is calling kids attention by attractive ways like music, films, cartoon.

The conference was organised by MIVA Poland and Episcopate Conference Press Office.

Watch the TV coverage.



Fundacja "Kierowca Bezpieczny"

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