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Fundacja "Kierowca Bezpieczny"
Safe Driver Foundation participated in the 12th Scientific Picnic

12th Scientific Picnic, organised by Polish Radio and Kopernik Science Center took place on June 14. As a participant, Safe Driver Foundation showed the consequences of participating in car accidents without seat belts fasten, and of driving after alcohol drinking.

Safe Driver Foundation (stand 15) presented collision simulator, in which an experiment can be taken, showing what are the consequences of driving with seat belts not fasten. The other interesting exercise was using the alcogogles special glasses showing the influence of the alcohol on the concentration, reaction speed, inability of direction reading etc. Many other attractive activities connected with traffic safety were presented, such as Experiment Life educational movie with Krzysztof Hoowczyc participation, and special exhibition with posters reminding the rules of save driving.

The Picnic visitors had an opportunity of chosing among almost 1000 shows and presentations coming from all the world. There were guests from 19 countries, showing scientific problems in interesting and interactive ways.


Fundacja "Kierowca Bezpieczny"

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